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About Us

Peter Hvidberg, and a few friends founded the American Sports Outlet Company in Denmark back in 1999. The idea grew out of frustration with the existing dealers, who charged as much as 1000 euro for a set of equipment, and offered very little customer service - this had to change! And thus some enthusiastic entrepreneurs knew they could do better. After a year Peter bought the company 100%. 


In the early days Peter would keep the company’s equipment in his basement, and stack shoes on his small apartment balcony. Later he rented a 16-m3 self-storage room, where shoulder pads and helmets were stacked from floor to ceiling. Now ten years down the road, the main American Sports Outlet 700-m2 warehouse and a 250-m2 clean and well-lit showroom, to present their goods to the customers.


The growth of the company has mirrored the growth of American Football in Denmark. From 400 registered football players in 2000, the Danish American Football Federation now boasts almost 5000 members. And the American Sports Outlet are proud to say that they have played a part in this rise, by supplying quality equipment and service at very reasonable prices.

The person behind the business

Peter ’Burger’ Hvidberg is first and foremost a football fan. He has had a storied football career with the Herlev Rebels and the Danish National Team; in fact, he helped found the Rebels ballclub in 1989. Back then the 17-year old pioneer found a sport that would change his life:


  • The sport saved me from a rough, and dangerous environment I was in at that time, Peter remembers.
  • Instead of running in the streets, I now had a camaraderie, a united team, something to fight for. Football helped me tremendously.


Since then Peter Hvidberg has been 100% committed to the sport, on the field he was a tough lineman in the trenches, feared by his opponents. But he was also a loyal, supportive teammate who he never missed a practice, and that loyalty and commitment is now directed at American Sports Outlets customers.


Owning and working with American Sports Outlet is truly a labor of love for Peter, and he is very much involved in the day to day tasks in the company. If you call Outlet, chances are that Peter or his wife Lisa, who is also an important part of the company, will answer the phone, and handle your request or question immediately. This guarantees an honest and qualified treatment from a football player with 20 years of experience. His personal involvement is not an economic necessity like it once was, it is more a representation of Peters appreciation and love for the football community.

Company Values

Good service, and direct, honest communication, are the two main values for the American Sports Outlet. It is the ambition of the company to have a confidential and friendly relationship with the customers.


This is reflected in the company’s prices, in ensuring realistic expectations between buyer and seller and in the event of complaints and/or returning of purchases.


Furthermore American Sports Outlet believes that business and developing the sport go hand in hand. Therefore the company has invested and supported the creation of web-based football communities, rookie day activities to attract new players and percentage benefits for clubs.


It is our goal to make American football grow in Europe. 

Peter on football

Favorite memory as a player?

Playing on the national team. Feeling the team spirit with the best players in the country, that was very special. 

Favorite memory as a fan?

Watching my first college game, Kansas State vs. Missou Tigers I think. I was at the 50-yard line and the atmosphere was insane. It beat all the NFL games I had seen till then.

Favorite team? 

I’m a Redskins fan. A natural choice for an offensive lineman, who idolized the Hogs.

Favorite player? 

There are many. Lawrence Taylor was crazy, the way he singlehandedly changed the way the game was played. He has to be up there. But having personally met Armani Toomer, I also became a big fan of his. He's an incredibly friendly and down-to-earth person.