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Equipment Kits

American Sports Outlet offers different sets of equipment for the palyer who wants to buy a complete player equipment kit. Each equipment kit includes all the equipment needed to play a game according to the European football rules (NCAA).


We have created a Equipment Kit Configuration Tool to provide each player the best and most flexible solution The configuration tools is made to give the buyer relevant information for each of the product the way throughout the whole process.

Agegroups Equipment Kits

Senior Equipment Kit

Fits players above 19 years of age or competing on an adult level


U19 Equipment Kit

Fits players between 15 and 19 years of age or max. 95 kg.


U16 Equipment Kit

Fits player between 11 and 16 year of age or max. 75 kg. 

Equipment Kit Categories

Basic Equipment Kit

For the new player who does not have high demands but want a reasonable kit in a good quality.


Standard Equipment Kit

For the trained player who wants to pay a little extra for a better comfort and quality.


Pro Equipment Kit

For the player for whom the best quality, comfort and flexibility is a top priority. 

Extras for Equipment Kits

There is a possibility to buy better options for each of the equipment categories. This means that you as a starting point gets a full equipment kit for the prices given. But at the same time has the possibility to buy other alternatives, like a better helmet or pants as an example.      


All products in the configuration tool not included in the start prices will have the extra cost shown on the individual product. The extra price will be added to the start price. Products which are included in the start price will show “Included in Price”.   

Packaged Deal

American Sports Outlet also offers package deal on some of our products. The package deals are based on each individual products to whom additional products is added to provide a higher volume and better discount. Package deals are using the Equipment Kit Configuration Tool in the buying process.

Equipment Kit Configuration Tool

The Configuration Tool contains all the products included in the Equipment Kit or Package Deal. All products you can choose from in the Equipment Kit or Package Deal will be presented individually. You can then choose what colors and sizes wanted for each of the different products you want in your kit/package.      


You can stay updated throughout the whole process and now exactly where you are. You can always go back to a product should you want to change anything. All the products chosen for the kit/package will be presented for your final approval before adding it to the shopping cart.


If you need help regarding sizes or measuring click Here

You can contact our Hotline for further assistance Here