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We have to make it easier to shop with American Sports Outlet ApS separated the buying process in three clear and easy steps.

Step 1 - Purchase products

First thing to do is to find the products you wish to buy. All products can be found in the product categories in the top of the webshop. All the products has been categorized into functions and types to make it easy to find. You can also choose to search for a product in the search fields at the upper right side of the webshop.

When the wanted product is found you first need to choose color and size before adding it to the Shopping Cart. This is done by pressing the Green “ADD TO BASKET” button which is found in the lower left side of the product page. The Shopping Cart will then show and you now have the option to check out or continue shopping.

You can always see the total amount purchased for and how many products is in the shopping cart found at the upper right side of the shop. If you with the mouse roll over the Shopping Cart it will expand and you can all you have added to the Shopping Cart. If you click on the Shopping Cart instead you will be directed to the main Shopping Cart.

When the Shopping Cart contains the products want buy, you’re ready to continue on to step 2. Press the Green “Continue” Button which is found in the lower and upper right side of the Shopping Cart. Always remember to check products, colors, sizes amd amounts before moving on.

Step 2 – Personal Information and Terms

First you will have to fill in your personal information such as name, address, email address, phone number and if any comments to the order.

Some of the fields are not necessarily needed but shows because of the many different types of customers which buy from American Sports Outlets Webshop. The needed information is marked with *. 

If you’re a public customer you would have to mark the field “PUBLIC CUSTOMER”. This gives you an opportunity to fill in the extra information, such as EAN number, contact person and requisition need to make such a purchase.

Last you have to read and accept the Terms from which you’re buying under. It's a good idea to read them beforehand to allow you to know what rights you have and which you do not have when purchasing a product from American Sports Outlet ApS.

American Sport Outlet's Terms is subject to the Danish Sales of Goods law for Internet retail. 

When all personal information is filled in and Terms & Conditions is accepted you’re ready to continue to Step 3 by pressing the Green “CONTINUE”.

Step 3 – Payment Method and Final approval

Then it’s time to pay for the products you want to purchase and make the final approval before sending the order to American Sports Outlet.

As a customer outside of Denmark you have two choices of payment, by credit card or bank wire. If you want to pay with Paypal or credit card you first have to choose the type of card and the fill in all the details.

If you want to wire the money to our bank we will email you information on how to wire the money to us. All payment with American Sports Outlet is in advance and the goods will not be shipped until the money has arrived at one our bank accounts.

You now have the final chance of checking that the products, colors, sizes and payment information is correct.

If everything is as should be you’re now ready to accept the order by pressing the Green ”ACCEPT ORDER” button.

You are now done with your order and it has been sent to American Sports Outlet.


A order confirm which you can choose to print will after accepting the order be displayed on your screen. You will also automatically receive an order confirm with all information on your order by email. It’s important to read the order confirm to ensure that information on the order is as you want them to be.

Should you see any mistakes call: +45 70 26 70 50 or send an email to support@outlet.dk with information on what you want changed and your order number. 

Copy of orderconfirmation or Invoice

The customer can at any given time get in contact with American Sports Outlet via phone: +45 70 26 70 50 or email: sales@outlet.dk should you wish to get a copy of the order confirm or invoice.