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The objective is to ship all orders payed with credit card made before 12.00 (GMT +1) same day. This would normally allow us to deliver to all of Europe within 2-5 business days from day upon reception of order. For order made after 12.00 (GMT +1) the delivery time is +1 day. If the order is payed with a bank wire the delivery process would normally be delayed with 1-3 days further, depending on which bank the customer uses.

Shipment - Split

If all products are not in stock the customer will be informed about what's in stock and what's not. The customer can then choose to split the order into more shipments and pay the extra cost from doing so. That/those products which were not included in the first shipment will then be shipped from American Sports Outlet upon arrival. The normal delivery time for non-stock products is 3-4 weeks from day of order.

Shipping company

All packages are shipped through GLS and their partners abroad. When shipments are made American Sports Outlet will send the customer an email with the tracking number and information on how it can be tracked with GLS Track & Trace system.


  1. All orders cost between Eur. 13,00 and Eur. 49,00 for standard shipments dependeng on destination country with a weight below 10 kg. Shipments to United Kingdom is 13 Eur.
  2. The cost of orders which exceed more than 10 kg or are outside standard measurements will be agreed on a per time basis.