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The E-Mark

The e-mark is the official Danish accreditation for safe and ethically responsible conduct and trade on the Internet.


e-handelsfondenIt is administered by the e-commerce Foundation (e-handelsfonden), a non-profit trust established by The Danish Consumer Council, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, The Danish Bankers’ Association, The Confederation of Danish Industries, The Union of Commercial and Clerical Employees, ITEK, Danish IT Society, ITK, The Danish IT Industry Association and the Danish e-business Association.


The e-commerce Foundation has awarded Outlet.dk with an e-mark to as the homepage comply with Danish law and the foundation’s special regulations concerning correct and ethical trading on the Internet.


E-mark designated web shop guarantee:


  • Properly encrypted payment solutions and approved security
  • No SPAM
  • Easy access to information concerning the use of your personal data
  • You will not be sent newsletters or electronic advertising without your expressed consent
  • Terms and conditions for sale are made expressly clear upon transaction
  • Cancellation, refunds, return rights and product guarantees are presented in the electronic order confirmation
  • Participation in online competitions requires no commitment to purchase, subscription to electronic newsletters or consent to receive any form of electronic advertising
  • The company with which you are doing business is clearly identified
  • Prepayment by account transfer, check or giro for goods or services is not permitted


The e-commerce Foundation is ongoing checking all the e-marked homepages. Click Here to read more about the e-mark and how it gives the customer a guarantee for best service.